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Grand Sierra Resort & Casino - Reno, NV
March 24-26, 2022
"Building bridges, breaking barriers"

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Providing vision, leadership and support for quality teaching and learning of languages, ACTFL is an individual membership organization of language educators and administrators from elementary through graduate education, as well as government and industry.

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Wayside Publishing creates proficiency-driven language programs in Spanish, French, Italian, German, and Latin. We help you inspire and challenge your students as they work towards communicative and cultural competence.


Avant Assessment is dedicated to creating a brighter future through the magic of language. We build and deliver effective assessments of real-world proficiency, the Avant ADVANCE teacher training tool, and Avant MORE Learning professional development to help transform language learning around the world. Avant is dedicated to promoting and supporting equitable access to language education.

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Lingco is a powerful language platform being used in schools, colleges and universities. It’s a one-stop shop, seamlessly integrating with the other tools you need to teach your students and manage your classes.

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Extempore allows language teachers to develop students' reading, writing, listening, speaking, and cultural skills in a target language. Accessible on all devices, Extempore facilitates daily tasks and formal assessments, creating more opportunities to help students achieve linguistic proficiency and cultural competence.

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Mango Classroom was built to empower teachers and take students on a journey that gets them speaking. Designed specifically for schools, Mango Classroom is built on our proven conversation-focused methodology that builds confidence and inspires students.

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As the exclusive licensee of ACTFL Assessments, Language Testing International is a leader in providing language assessments in over 120 languages and in more than 60 countries. Our accredited ACTFL assessments are widely recognized and accepted by major corporations, K12 and higher education institutions, and government agencies. Each test is designed to properly determine the specific proficiency level of an individual and ultimately to provide a valid and defensible language credential.

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Education Perfect is an interactive teaching and learning toolkit designed to elevate the role of educators through comprehensive, real-time data and insights. It offers over 20,000+ interactive lessons aligned to multiple curricula. EP offers a world-class set of tools for learning, revision, and assessment in Chinese, Japanese, French, Spanish, German, and more. Founded in New Zealand and developed by and with teachers, EP is used by 1 million+ students across 50+ countries.

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Xperitas is a nonprofit organization that has been providing students with educational language and cultural immersion experiences since 1972. We are mission-driven, motivated by the desire to transform lives through intercultural learning. Our philosophy is that giving students an authentic experience outside of the classroom facilitates deeper language learning and provides an opportunity to strengthen cultural competency.

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Carnegie Learning is shaping the future of learning by delivering groundbreaking solutions to education’s toughest challenges. With the highest-quality offerings for K-12 world languages, we are changing the way we think about learning and creating powerful results for teachers and students alike. Our world language programs offer the perfect balance of print and digital resources for Spanish, French, German, Chinese, and Italian, helping you to create meaningful language learning experiences for your students.

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GoReact humanizes and simplifies skills-based learning through a proven combination of video + feedback. Academic institutions and training programs worldwide use GoReact to facilitate scalable video observation, coaching, and assessment. With simple, flexible tools for experiential learning, GoReact helps all learners develop and demonstrate skill competency. See how GoReact empowers confident skills at

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Yabla is a revolutionary resource for language learners that offers innovative tools built around authentic video content from around the world. Yabla is designed to act as an immersion workbook, improving students’ language acquisition through regular exposure to real native speakers and consistent spelling and vocabulary practice. Learning exercises including dictation, vocabulary drills, speaking and comprehension exercises. Yabla builds language skills rapidly.


At Forum, our mission is to help you open the world to your students through authentic language learning opportunities and intercultural connections. We go a step further than traditional student travel — using our custom programs, professional network and intimate knowledge of each destination country to create experiences that truly immerse your students in the language and culture.

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The AATG promotes the study of the German-speaking world in all its linguistic, cultural and ethnic diversity, and endeavors to prepare students as transnational, transcultural learners and active, multilingual participants in a globalized world.


The American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese (AATSP) promotes the study and teaching of the Spanish and Portuguese languages and their corresponding Hispanic, Luso-Brazilian and other related literatures and cultures at all levels of education. AATSP offers many wonderful opportunities, including SHA/SHH (honor society) and NSE (national language contest), where students and teachers can win scholarships and travel and encourage language acquisition.

Authentic 15-min. video conversations with native speakers. Boomalang connects students to native speakers of Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and English across the world to improve proficiency and intercultural competence through live video chat. Hear why over 97% of classes using Boomalang renew each term. Currently serving >100 schools. Best fit for IB, AP for high school and 100s & 200s in university. Often cited by teachers as “THE most important part of our language courses.”

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MesaMima Communicative Classroom is a teacher owned company providing professional development, consulting and teaching resources to inspire the most engaging classroom environments possible. Planning for your proficiency based classroom made authentic and easy!

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Where will world languages take you? Today's students are preparing for a world where inter-cultural communication is a necessary part of everyday life. At Vista Higher Learning, we develop innovative digital and print solutions to connect the world through language and culture.

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Teacher's Discovery®, the worlds most trusted supplier of teaching resources for over 45 years, proudly presents FLANGOO™, a digital World Language library of nearly 200 leveled readers, short stories, biographies, and graphic novels, with native-spoken audio, comprehension questions, activities, and more for Spanish, French and German students. Try it free today!

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Inspired by conversations with our customers, we have developed instructional technology that meets the needs of World Language teachers in their classrooms. Interpersonal communication can be practiced, monitored and assessed multiple times throughout a single class period. Committed to providing both district-wide and individual teacher support, we offer onsite support through a program of ongoing training from technology experts.


Klett World Languages provides high-quality Spanish, German, French and Italian language materials for K-12 and Higher Education. Our materials are inclusive, authentic, accessible, and user-friendly, and foster intercultural understanding and communicative competence. We love our students and teachers across the United States and strive to provide exceptional and personalized customer service in everything we do.

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Organic World Language (OWL) offers in-person professional development trainings, virtual trainings and resources that provide innovative ideas and strategies to foster proficiency-based, student-directed classrooms. As an individual teacher, you can attend one of our OWL hosted events or host a training for your own department or district. OWL transforms classes, inspires and motivates students and supports teachers just like you all around the world. Come create your dream learning space!

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