SWCOLT has two scholarships available for 2022.  Read below for further information and to submit an application.


Universidad Internacional – Center for Linguistic Multicultural Studies (Cuernavaca, Mexico)

Universidad Internacional is glad to offer a two-week scholarship (Registration fee and tuition) to study language and culture in beautiful Cuernavaca, anytime in 2022. To apply, language teachers should complete the application.

This program includes registration and two weeks of classes in the intensive program. The scholarship recipient will pay for lodging (https://spanishschool.uninter.edu.mx/Lodging). This scholarship may be used at any time during 2022.

For more information about the program, visit: https://spanishschool.uninter.edu.mx/Intensive-Spanish-Program 

Cemanahuac Educational Community

The Cemanahuac Educational Community was closed for about 12 months, reopening in May, 2021 and has expectation of offering their usual educational program in 2022.  But they are aware that the situation is changing almost daily but are moving forward in offering scholarships to deserving teachers.


Their primary concern in considering the near future during this very difficult time is safety, for teachers and staff, for host families, and most of all our teacher students. Cemanahuac Eduucational Community will continue to be sure they meet all safety guidelines.  Currently, the plan is to offer a full academic program with Spanish language classes, a family home stay program, and field study trips to archeological sites in Central Mexico. However, they will be carefully watching the health guidelines for Mexico and the State of Morelos and will observe the public health national and state guidelines.  All of the Cemanahuac teachers have been fully vaccinated, as have the families with whom students stay, and they ask the same of all teacher students.


As a result of the shifting conditions and guidelines, Cemanahuac will ask potential students and scholarship recipients to check with them before making firm plans and airline reservations so they can be very sure that the situation will allow them to be open at a time when a student hopes to study with in Mexico.


The dollar value of this award in 2022 is $810.00, and includes registration, tuition for two weeks, and one all-day field study trip.  Other expenses which the recipient would have to cover on his/her own, in addition to airfare, would be housing, transfer to Cuernavaca (about $20 US each way), a textbook ($45), any additional cultural field study trips, and personal expenses.


Cemanahuac will be hosting their special seminar for teachers in July 2022, and it will again emphasize the culture of Mexico with practical ideas for incorporating the customs and culture of Mexico into the Spanish language curriculum in the United States.


Scholarships are awarded on the basis on a competitive application basis. SWCOLT will give special consideration to teachers who have had less opportunity to travel and who will make the very best use of this opportunity to share the knowledge gained with his or her classroom. While we offer information about the rich culture and history of Mexico, our emphasis at Cemanahuac is very much on improvement of Spanish language ability, and thus a native speaker or a teacher with excellent language fluency will gain far less from the Cemanahuac experience than a non-fluent speaker.


The hope is that the scholarship recipient will feel a serious commitment to the full educational program, including the weekend field study excursions, and not leave for personal travel in the middle of the Cemanahuac two-week study period.


For more information about the Cemanahuac experience, visit: www.cemanahuac.com.

2021 Scholarship Recipient: Edna Morales - Arizona

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