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Thank you to our conference exhibitors & sponsors!
Visit our exhibitors during the conference & check out their virtual booths below.

Exhibit Hall Open: Friday, Feb. 24 10 a.m.-7:30 p.m. & Saturday, Feb. 25 8 a.m.-2 p.m.


Providing vision, leadership and support for quality teaching and learning of languages, ACTFL is an individual membership organization for language educators and administrators from elementary through graduate education, as well as government and industry. It is where the world’s educators, businesses, and government agencies go to advance the practice of language learning.


At Savvas, we believe learning should inspire. Our next-generation K-12 learning solutions, developed by leading authors and educators, leverage the power of adaptive learning and advanced technology to deliver immersive, personalized, and engaging content that connects teachers and students with real-world learning experiences, helping all learners discover their greatness. Visit Savvas Learning Company.

L2TReC - Second Language Teaching and Research Center.png

L2TReC’s primary activities are in research, pedagogy, and outreach. The Center hosts events and workshops on SLA research, curriculum development and assessment. It administers Utah’s statewide Bridge Program for Advanced Language Learning. It works collaboratively with many other University of Utah units, with institutions of higher education around the state, and with K-12 and is a resource for the university, the community and nation on foreign language education.


Where will world languages take you? Today's students are preparing for a world where inter-cultural communication is a necessary part of everyday life. At Vista Higher Learning, we develop innovative digital and print solutions to connect the world through language and culture.


Avant delivers the STAMP language assessment in more than 45 languages with comprehensive reports that provide actionable data for test takers and administrators. The Avant STAMP is now recommended for college credit by ACE and is used for teacher certifications, State and Global Seals of Biliteracy. In addition to assessment, Avant delivers the Avant ADVANCE teacher training tool, Avant MORE Learning professional development, and AvantProctor, a remote proctoring service.


Klett World Languages provides the highest quality language materials in Spanish, French, German, and Italian. We create content that helps students build authentic communicative competence, and become global citizens. Our materials are authentic, accessible, and user-friendly, and enable students to learn and deepen their connection to our increasingly global world. At Klett World Languages, we are driven to change world language education in the U.S. for the better.


At Wayside Publishing, we create Spanish, French, Italian, German, and Latin language programs for middle and high school students. Built on the latest language learning pedagogy, our programs include abundant teacher resources, opportunities for cultural exploration, and cutting-edge technology solutions. Wayside helps you inspire and empower your learners as they work towards communicative and cultural competence. Let’s craft world language leaders together.

Education Perfect.png

Education Perfect (EP) is an online World Languages learning platform pre-loaded with fully built lessons, automatically graded quizzes, individualized learning pathways and competitions. EP is fully editable and available in 8 languages, in all four skills, and aligned to the ACTFL standards or custom aligned to your district standards (for free). EP is used as a supplement or a textbook replacement, and provides powerful progress monitoring all year long.

Mango Languages.png

Mango Classroom was designed by linguists & teachers and built on our proven methodology to meaningfully engage World Language and English Learners, building their skills and confidence. It's built to get students speaking, Mango Classroom consists of 4 key components: Desktop & Mobile Apps, Curriculum Guides, the Teacher Dashboard, and a new and improved Administrator Dashboard.

Forum by Prometour.png

At Forum, we’re building a movement of language learners equipped with the cultural knowledge, language skills, and global awareness to thrive in the 21st century. We design cultural tours, immersion programs, in-person and virtual exchanges, tailor-made for you and your students. We’re passionate about our work and driven by our mission to create the best educational programs for your students.


ChinaSprout carries a comprehensive collection of language learning materials for pre-K to college. Our resources include textbooks and reference materials for learning Chinese, content-based materials and readers for immersion, ELL, and advanced programs. Our extensive selection of Chinese and bilingual books, folktales, and literature provide additional support for Chinese language and culture learning. We also carry Chinese cultural games, crafts, DIY, and classroom decoration products. 


OWL transforms classes around the world, inspiring and motivating students and supporting teachers to create their dream learning spaces. We offer In-person Trainings, Virtual Trainings, Resources, Curriculum Development, Consultations and more that will provide you with new, innovative ideas and strategies. Our signature event is our Summer Bootcamp. Our goal is transformation and support, working together to establish classroom environments where learners are empowered and engaged.

Carnegie Learning.png

Carnegie Learning is shaping the future of learning by delivering groundbreaking solutions to education’s toughest challenges. With the highest-quality offerings for K-12 world languages, we are changing the way we think about learning and creating powerful results. Our world language programs offer the perfect balance of print and digital resources for Spanish, French, German, Chinese, and Italian, helping you to create meaningful language learning experiences for your students.


Founded in 1917, the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese (AATSP) is the oldest, largest, and most comprehensive language-specific professional association in the United States. AATSP offers nearly 10,000 members programs such as The National Spanish Exam (motivational contests in Spanish and Portuguese) and SHH/SHA (honor society for middle/high school students enrolled in Spanish and/or Portuguese).


LTI is the exclusive licensee of ACTFL assessments. ACTFL assessments are the most trusted testing instruments on the market and are recognized by academic institutions, corporate entities, and federal and state governments. The language proficiency tests we deliver are for a broad range of academic needs, including entrance and placement exams, graduation requirements, the attainment of the Seal of Biliteracy, and the credentialing of teachers and language professionals.

The Comprehensible Classroom.png

Driven by the core belief that all students are capable of acquiring language, The Comprehensible Classroom has been at the forefront of the movement toward teaching for acquisition since 2010. TCC publishes curriculum and instructional tools grounded in a solid understanding of language acquisition and the belief that connection is at the heart of the human experience. TCC offers training to groups that seek to implement Comprehension-based, Proficiency-oriented, methods of teaching language.

This is Language.png

Where curriculum meets the real world!


Help your students advance from performance to proficiency with We worked with your curriculum and our scaffolded activities help students negotiate authentic texts as they move towards proficiency. Come visit us at SWCOLT!

TPRS Books.png

A common problem that language teachers face is: How can you get your students to an intermediate level of fluency?


With the power of TPRS®, students have reached the intermediate mid-level after just 100 hours of instruction. This is slightly more than 1 semester of instruction.


Our company offers teacher friendly print and digital resources that will help your students achieve intermediate level fluency. Additionally, we offer live and virtual TPRS® / CI training year-round.


Extempore allows world language and ELL teachers to develop students' reading, writing, listening, speaking, and cultural skills in the target language. Accessible on all devices, Extempore facilitates daily tasks and formal assessments, creating more opportunities for students to achieve linguistic proficiency and cultural competence.

Stevens Learning.png

Stevens Learning Systems Inc. provides school districts with classroom-based instructional technology for World Language and Dual Language Immersion students and teachers. Our Renaissance 2.0 System supports interactive communication, proficiency-based instruction, and performance-based assessment and feedback.

Utah State.png

The Master of Second Language Teaching (MSLT) is an innovative, interdisciplinary master's degree program with a strong practical emphasis.


It is designed for students desiring additional training at the graduate level in an integrative program combining coursework in the fields of Foreign Language Education, Bilingual/Immersion Education or ESL/EFL Education.


Xperitas is a nonprofit organization, founded by World Language teachers, that has been providing students with educational language and cultural immersion experiences since 1972.


We are mission-driven, motivated by the desire to transform lives through intercultural learning. Our philosophy is that giving students an authentic experience outside of the classroom facilitates deeper language learning and provides an opportunity to strengthen cultural competency.


Yabla provides authentic videos in Spanish, French, Italian, German, ESL, and Chinese coupled with learning exercises including dictation, vocabulary drills, and comprehension exercises. Teachers can organize students by class, send homework assignments, and monitor student performance through a gradebook feature. Yabla builds language skills rapidly.

The Pulsera Project is a nonprofit organization that connects, educates and empowers Central American artists and students in the U.S.


Find out how your school can host a free service learning project that provides fair-trade employment to artists and funds numerous social justice initiatives across Central America.

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